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Title: Bulletin Board Codes
Post by: PeterC on 30 January 2016, 08:27:05
If you want to make your post or reply look better you can use the WSYWYG editor (toggled on or off by (, or you can use Bulletin Board Codes (also called BBCodes or BBC). (Note that there is a link at the foot of every page on this forum to this page about BBCodes.)

There is a BBCode organisation ( where you can see some background. BBCodes can be nested, but for things to bear in mind with this see here (

The BBCodes available for you to use on this forum are:
Name Purpose Link Example Result Comment
abbrAbbreviationHelp ([abbr="Fred"]Frederica X[/abbr]Frederica XEnables tooltip text on hover
acronymAcronymHelp ([acronym=Simple Machines Forum]SMF[/acronym]SMFSimilar to abbr
anchorAnchorHelp ( link to it must be prefixed by "post_"
bBoldHelp ([b]abc[/b]abc
brLine breakHelp ( abc[br]def(Cannot show)Note there is no closing tag
centerCenter/CentreHelp ([center]abc[/center]abc
codeCode - simple formattingHelp (
colorColor/ColourHelp ([color=red]abc[/color]abcAllowed colors: aqua, black, blue, fuchsia,
gray, green, lime, maroon,
navy, olive, orange, purple, red,
silver, teal, white, yellow
emailEmailHelp ([email]a@bc[/email]a@bc
fontFontHelp ([font=fantasy]abc[/font]abceg font=Times, Times New Roman, serif
hrHorizontal ruleHelp (
htmlRaw HTML codeHelp ([html]A  B[/html]A  B(Admin use only)
Could also use eg <br>
iItalicHelp ( [i]abc[/i]abc
imgImageHelp ([img width=30]http://
( set alt, width, height
iurlHyperlink - in same tabHelp ([iurl][/iurl] ( also include text (see format for url)
leftLeft alignmentHelp ([left]abc[/left]
liList itemHelp ( form can be altered, see also list
listListHelp ([list type=decimal]
[list type=lower-alpha]
(Cannot show)See also li
nobbcDon't process BB CodesHelp ( of use when describing BBCodes (as here!)
quoteFormat as a quoteHelp ([quote author=xx link=topic=31
can specify just author,
author, internal forum link and time
or none of them
rightRight alignmentHelp ([right]abc[/right]
sStrikethroughHelp ([s]abc[/s]abc
sizeFont sizeHelp ([size=x-large]abc[/size]abcxx-small;x-small;small;medium;large;x-large;xx-large
subSubscriptHelp ([sub]2[/sub]abc2
supSuperscriptHelp ([sup]2[/sup]abc2
tableTableHelp ( contains tr, which contain td
tdTable cellHelp ( contains tr, which contain td
trTable RowHelp ( contains tr, which contain td
timeTimeHelp ([time]1132812640[/time]24 November 2005, 06:10:40converts a Unix Timestamp into a normal time
ttTeletype font (fixed-width)Help ([tt]abc[/tt]abc
uUnderlineHelp ([u]abc[/u]abc
urlHyperlink - new tabHelp ([url=]SMF site[/url]SMF site ( not include text (see format for iurl)
Name Purpose Link Example Result Comment