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Author Topic: Modifiable Feature Layer formats  (Read 1641 times)


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Modifiable Feature Layer formats
« on: 18 January 2017, 10:33:53 »
Warning! This is highly technical and only relevant for someone trying to understand how M4OPS works internally.

MFLs are those created by any user. They can be created, saved, modified, deleted, and downloaded in CSV format.

Internally they are stored in GeoJSON format, and their structure is the same as Census.geojson here, but the PROPERTIES object is more limited and contains (for meanings see below):
  • "onMFL":
  • "shorttext":
  • "description":
  • "datestart":
  • "dateend":
  • "pin":
  • "symbol":
  • "color":
  • "radius":

When downloaded as CSV their structure is the same as Census.csv here, but the PROPERTIES object contains:
  • onMFL - true (can be ignored)
  • shorttext - name of the feature, displays on the map when resolution is OK, and in the display panel
  • description - html that displays in the display panel, (default is shorttext)
  • datestart - date from which this feature is to be shown in ISO Format - YYYY-MM-DD, eg 1888-03-25, or 1910 (default 0000-01-01)
  • dateend - date after which this feature is not to be shown (ditto) (default 9999-12-31)
  • pin - pin number - see the available pin styles
  • symbol - name of the icon to use - see the available A-M and N-Z icons
  • color - colour of the circle - see the full range of colours available (default is red)
  • radius - size in pixels of the (filled) circle (default is 5)
  • Lon(X) - Longitude in decimal degrees (null if not a Point)
  • Lat(Y) - Latitude in decimal degrees (null if not a Point)
  • GeomType - Point, LineString, or Polygon
  • GeomCoords - CoordinateString (eg [-0.03, 52.32], or [[30, 10], [10, 30], [40, 40]]) - always Lon/Lat in decimal degrees - known as EPSG:4326 is a Society for One-Place Studies project supported by Grassroots Giving from Skipton Building Society
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