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Author Topic: Mapping in genealogy software packages  (Read 1725 times)


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Mapping in genealogy software packages
« on: 23 January 2016, 18:24:20 »
Many genealogy software packages enable a limited ability to store mapping information (usually in the form of latitude and longitude of places for births and other events), and then to display it as pins on a Google map or Google Earth, and possible migration maps. Some enable geocoding of places. Attached to this post is a document that summarises the abilities of various packages in this area.

Of particular note are
  • Family Historian, in which you can view family movements over time, using the Time Slider
  • Heredis, which can show the movement of a whole family on maps which are interactive; includes geolocation and structured places
  • Heritage Collector Suite, in which you can use GPS to Tag, Find and Mark Locations associated with photos etc-and make maps
  • Legacy Family Tree, which can animate an ancestor's movement through time - in street, aerial, or 3D modes. Hover over the balloon to see what happened in each location.
  • MacFamilyTree has a freely rotatable globe
  • Map My Family Tree (from Legacy) has an internal viewer, but also has links to Google, TerraServer and MapQuest, and you can use the time scroll bar to dynamically select which time period you want displayed
(Most descriptions and comments are from product and review websites, rather than my own analyses)

Also of  note is The Next Generation of Genealogy SitebuildingĀ© ("TNG"), which besides incorporating Google Maps also can have a map media type (example).
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