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MapJam Product Information
« on: 25 April 2016, 21:15:54 »
MapJam will be shutting down its services on February 6th, 2017.

If you join MapJam as a member then you can make your own maps and share them or show them on a website, just like Google Maps or MapHub. There are currently only two base maps (OSM and ESRI satellite view).

You can also sign up as a developer and create very tailored maps.  The first 100,000 views per month are free which should be plenty enough for a One-Place Study.

They say that as developers we are "able to customize everything  ( it’s Open Source), and MapJam is committed to collaborative, open data mapping communities, and our goal is to make time, service, and code contributions to help accelerate the democratization of information."

I have yet to explore it in any detail.

The article on How MapJam Is Building A Scalable Custom Maps Service by a co-founder at MapJam gives a useful summary of what they are trying to achieve.
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