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Title: Visualising Urban Geographies
Post by: PeterC on 9 April 2016, 07:21:42
Visualising Urban Geographies ( is an NLS project that "provides mapping tools for historians."

"It enables them to use digitized and geo-referenced maps in conjunction with historical information based on either addresses or districts. This spatial dimension enriches historical understanding and analysis, and can also be applied to other subject areas. The focus on Edinburgh is deliberate: to explore the potential of the mapping tools where there is available data and a wide range of suitable maps."

It could be of great interest to us, except for the concentration on Edinburgh.
Title: Re: Visualising Urban Geographies
Post by: PeterC on 26 April 2016, 19:44:40
Per Chris Fleet, Map Curator of the National Library of Scotland:

Visualising Urban Geographies (VUG) is now a little dated as a project, but we have kept it online as it has not been fully superseded yet. The MESH project ( ( was intended to replace VUG with updated guides and sources, but this has not yet happened. The Guides we put together (  on georeferencing, drawing features, and MapTiler (make maps available online) may still be useful.