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OSM tools
« on: 26 February 2016, 02:14:00 »
There are many tools in the OSM world, including:
  • Maperitive - "a free desktop application for drawing maps based on OpenStreetMap and GPS data"
  • Geofabrik's Map tool - "a full-screen slippy map with several different map views, a tile grid for debugging, and links to many other maps"
  • Geofabrik's Map Compare tool - "compare two maps side by side - several OpenStreetMap and Google maps are available"
  • Geofabrik's OSM Inspector tool - "this tool offers different views on the OpenStreetMap data - it can be used to get a better idea how the data in the database looks like and it can point out omissions or errors"
  • Geofabrik's Tile Calculator tool - "tile size and number of tiles in given bounding box; coordinates of a box in various projections; print calculator"
  • Field Papers- "a tool to help you create a multi-page atlas of anywhere in the world - once you print it, you can take it outside, into the field, to record notes and observations about the area you're looking at, or use it as your own personal tour guide in a new city"
  • In Let's Map Some Points of Interest in San Francisco City using Mapillary! MapBox describe adding Points of Interest (POI) using photographs from Mapillary.
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