Author Topic: Updating the OPS for new/changed tiled maps  (Read 2009 times)


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Updating the OPS for new/changed tiled maps
« on: 22 December 2016, 03:44:26 »
Most maps are stored only once - either in the ASWS S3 (cloud) storage in the m4opsprod Bucket, or in the Production folders of our website. They are only available in the development (or production) M4OPS once LayerDefs_Other.csv has been changed, uploaded and compiled on the Development (or Production) site.

In the m4opsprod Bucket of ASWS S3 (cloud) storage the maps are stored without any OPS/category structure, and just referred to by name (which must not be a simple number). No other tileserver is needed.
On our website, the web server we use for our tiles is Tileserver. Each map is represented by a folder structure of tiles, and it is stored within a folder representing ther Category the map is under (eg Local).

Once we have tiled the map we need to:
  • Create a layerdef row in LayerDefs_Other.csv (which will end up in OPS.json), eg by copying another row
  • Change the text etc as appropriate, including:
    • setting the minZoom and maxZoom as noted from MapTiler
  • Check that the storageName value is set to
    • AWSS3 (if the map is in the m4opsprod bucket on AWS S3)
    • AWSS3DEV (if the map is in the m4opsdev bucket on AWS S3)
    • ShowMaps (if the map is in the production Tileserver folders on our web server)
    • ShowMapsDev (if the map is in the development Tileserver folders on our web server)
  • On AWS S3 zooms and extent are handled automatically (by FLG), otherwise:
    • Open metadata.json and from it copy the four numbers for "bounds" (not "extent"!) over the four numbers minx,miny,maxx,maxy in that order in the appropriate row in LayerDefs_Other.csv (this edit is easiest to do in a text editor rather than Excel, but make sure we change the separating characters from commas to semi-colons)
    • In a similar way, copy the minZoom and maxZoom values to the same row in LayerDefs_Other.csv
  • Create or amend a Group layer as appropriate
  • In ShowMapsDev, upload the LayerDefs_Other.csv and Compile
  • Empty the browser cache and refresh ShowMapsDev
  • We should now be able to see the new layer, so check it out
  • When we are happy with ShowMapsDev, redo the upload of LayerDefs_Other.csv into ShowMaps, and compile etc
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