Author Topic: Hethersett OPS - using OPS as a Recursive Research Tool  (Read 1935 times)


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Hethersett OPS - using OPS as a Recursive Research Tool
« on: 23 January 2017, 04:58:49 »
This is a continuation of the discussion here:

Thanks for such quick work!  :D  I wish I could work these things out as quickly as you do.

One thing I would suggest is that the highlighted text should only be the ID number, not the description followed by the ID as it is at the moment.

In a case use scenario, I had envisioned something like research into manorial records.

The record would say something like:

"In 1836 Joe Bloggs has been given Copyhold of field named 'Bloggs Field' (which was his father's), bounded to the North by John Smith's Field and the West by Feral Errol's field."

I imagine coming across that and seeing that field 570 in my Mapping4OPS Map ( see attached image) is named 'Bloggs Field'.

Ideally I would right click on 'Bloggs Field' on Mapping4OPS, copy the ID '570' and paste that into the ID field in my database for the reference for the field. I would only need the ID number itself.

I could then do the same and select ID 562 as owned by John Smith, and 569 as owned by Feral Errol.

Later on I could then add the new information from the Manorial records and it would map straight to the IDs on Mapping4OPS.