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What is AllFeatures?
« on: 5 March 2018, 07:34:40 »
This is a technical note about the use of AllFeatures.geojson and Features.csv within M4OPS.

The Features.csv file contains detail of Features, each of which has a featureid. These can be referenced just by their featureid within other feature csv files (eg Pubs.csv).

If there is an AllFeatures.geojson line within the LayerDefs_Feature.csv file that specifies AllFeatures as the csvname, then FLG.php will compile all the features it can find (that are georeferenced and have a featureid) into an AllFeatures.geojson file. If no such features are found then one point at the centre of the box defined in the OPS, with featureid=F_OPS, is generated - and this should be deleted when there are other points.

To compile AllFeatures.geojson FLG.php will look in Features.csv as well as all the other feature csv files it is told about. Any features in Features.csv that have no geometries are called 'Features still to be Georeferenced'.

AllFeatures.geojson can be opened within M4OPS either as:
  • a Feature Layer - where it cannot be changed
  • a Modifiable Feature Layer - where it can be changed
As an MFL AllFeatures.geojson can be altered in the usual ways using Alter/Move, but it can also be added to by georeferencing 'Features still to be Georeferenced'.  Note that AllFeatures.geojson is stored in the main OPS folder, not in SavedFiles where the normal MFL geojsons are stored.

When the MFL AllFeatures is saved then besides being saved as AllFeatures.geojson a new version of Features.csv is saved - comprising both georeferenced and non-georeferenced features. This can be downloaded onto the user's computer if wanted.