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WordPress mapping plugins
« on: 27 January 2016, 15:18:38 »
WordPress is used by 25.9% of all websites, Joomla by 2.8%, and Drupal by 2.1%.

There seem to be hundreds of WordPress mapping plugins, as a search shows.  However the February 9, 2016 post "13 Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress" on the Elegant Themes Blog gives useful summaries of what they consider "the best", and shows the sort of things that are possible. It also mentions Geo-Mashup, which can use maps from OpenStreetMap etc.

The very simple one I have used is MapPress Easy Google Maps, and here is an example of it being used.

If I were starting again I might now use WP OSM Plugin (an OpenStreetMap Plugin using OpenLayers), or Maps Marker ("The most comprehensive & user-friendly mapping solution for WordPress" - which uses Leaflet and a choice of maps).

An interesting and powerful plugin is DH Press ("the digital public humanities toolkit") from the Digital Innovation Lab at the University of North Carolina, although it seems to be aimed more at academics and their research projects.

"DH Press enables scholars to visualize their humanities-oriented data and allow users to access that data from the visualizations themselves. The graphical representation of data – whether it be geographical information shown on maps, temporal data shown on timelines, family relationships shown on trees, etc. – can facilitate users in comprehending it quickly and analyzing it in domain-specific ways. WordPress’s plugin architecture allows for open and unlimited enhancement of features and functionalities. DH Press also supplies widgets that can display and coordinate textual transcripts with SoundCloud audio or YouTube video playback."
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