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Title: To process a new version of the Studies spreadsheet
Post by: PeterC on 9 April 2018, 03:57:51
The SOPS' Studies spreadsheet lists all the One-Place Studies registered with the society and relevant data about them. M4OPS requires a json version of the latest of these, to provide information about studies known to M4OPS such as Continent/Country.

Whenever a new study is added to M4OPS that is not in the most recent studies.json file we need to create a new version of this file.  The process for doing this is in five parts:
To obtain a copy of the latest spreadsheet:
To prepare this copy of the spreadsheet so that it is suitable for M4OPS:
To transfer a copy of this prepared spreadsheet to the M4OPS server:
To compile the spreadsheet into a json format:
To put the json file into the appropriate places and test: