Author Topic: I'd love it if there were a system like this ...  (Read 3504 times)


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I'd love it if there were a system like this ...
« on: 10 February 2016, 19:26:58 »
This is my current take on what would be an "ideal" system for the sorts of things I will probably want to do with my own one-place study in the next few years. Whereas there is a long list in the post on The mapping needs of a one-place study - a current summary this is a more restrained and reasonable list.  I have already seen GIS systems that offer much of this, although they may not be free.

Please reply to this post with thoughts and reactions from your own point of view; or start your own topic with a list of what you would love to see. Even better if you know of a system that enable me to do this, or how it could be built.

I'd love it if there were a system where I and other users could (for free or cheaply):
  • access and compare (fade between) all historic maps (and aerial views) of my place georeferenced to current maps
  • view the current maps with all sorts of geographic data (height, terrain etc) at fine detail, down even to building plans (and update the maps in fine detail as we will need to)
  • add local data (manually and from other sources) in unlimited layers, that is not only geolocated (in space) but is also located in a point or span of time
  • view any combination of maps and data layers, with a time slider, and be able to drill down to more detail as appropriate
  • all integrated into my current one-place website (eg mine is at and uses WordPress)
Even better if we could:
  • view all this when we are actually in the place, and be guided around it
I am sure I will change my mind over time, and I shall edit this post, or add a reply, when I do.
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Re: I'd love it if there were a system like this ...
« Reply #1 on: 15 February 2016, 09:39:22 »
Hi Peter - I think you've covered all one-place mapping wishes on my own list, and a few besides! I hope your passion for mapping and OPS is infectious, and that this website forum becomes the natural place to come for the inspiration and information about mapping for local history.