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One-place study terms
one-place study - see What is a One-Place Study?
OPSand 1PS - these are sometimes used as acronyms for a one-place study
SOPS - the Society for One-Place Studies - welcomes members from around the world with an interest in one particular place
one-placer - a person doing a one-place study
The Register - (free) maintained by, to provide details of one-place studies around the world

For more information on one-place studies see SOPS and

Mapping terms
GIS - Geographic information system: an integrated collection of computer software and data used to manage, analyse and view information about geographic places
Geocoding - a GIS operation for converting street addresses into spatial data that can be displayed as features on a map (Wikipedia)
Georeferencing - the process of aligning geographic data to a known coordinate system so it can be viewed, queried, and analyzed with other geographic data, it may involve shifting, rotating, scaling, skewing, and in some cases warping etc the data (Wikipedia)
KML - Keyhole Markup Language is an XML notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within Internet-based, two-dimensional maps and three-dimensional Earth browsers, originally developed for use with Google Earth
Leaflet - is an open-source JavaScript library for developing mobile-friendly interactive map systems (Leaflet)
OpenLayers -  is an open source JavaScript library for developers to display map data in web browsers (OpenLayers)
LIDAR - stands for light detection and ranging, that uses lasers to measure distances to reflective surfaces (and hence heights) - see here for a description and example of use
API - a computer (rather than mapping) term that stands for application program interface - the technical way to link software applications to a system (such as Google Maps)
DRG, Esri grid, ECRG, GeoTIFF, IMG, XYZ, DLG, GML, GeoJSON, GeoMedia, ISFC, KML, TAB, NTF, Shapefile, Simple Features, VPF, USGS DEM, GeoTIFF, SDTS, GPKG, WKT, WKB, World file - these are all GIS file formats
Resolution is the size of 1 pixel [px] in map units (eg if your map projection is EPSG:3857 [whose unit is meters], and the current resolution is 20000 [m/px], this means that 1 px represents 20000m.
Scale is the size of (eg) 1 cm in map units. See eg Understanding Scale and Resolution
SpatiaLite - is a single file geodatabase and is also used as a GIS file format (SpatiaLite)
WKT - Well-known text is a text markup language for representing vector geometry objects on a map
Topographic maps are detailed, accurate graphic representations of features that appear on the Earth's surface - see Topography

For more information see the brief descriptions on the Open Source Township GIS Project, and this GIS glossary.

Forum terms
SMF - Simple Machines Forum - free software that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes
Topic - a collection of messages grouped together under a common title, intended to reflect a single topic of discussion (often called a thread)
Board - where topics are posted - boards are organized into categories
Child Board - a board that appears inside another board

For more information see SMF terminology

etc/eg - Note that I have now adopted the practice of not putting full stops into or after such common abbreviations
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