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Acronyms and their BBCodes
« on: 3 February 2016, 10:13:17 »
Acronyms in BBCode format, followed by as they appear in posts. Hover over an acronym in the right column to see it in action.

Feel free to copy these and use in your own posts if you would like to. Note that when you are using the wysiwyg editor it still shows such acronyms with the BBCs; but if you do a preview you will see them act as acronyms (like a tooltip).

[acronym=One-Place Study]1PS[/acronym]1PS
[acronym=Bulletin Board Code]BBC or BBCode[/acronym]BBC or BBCode
[acronym=application program interface]API[/acronym]API
[acronym=coordinate reference system]CRS[/acronym]CRS
[acronym=comma-separated values, although also used for text separated  by semi-colons etc]CSV[/acronym]CSV
[acronym=Digital Negative - a lossless raw image format written by Adobe]DNG[/acronym]DNG
[acronym=dots per inch]dpi[/acronym]dpi
[acronym=a point, line or polygon]feature[/acronym]feature
[acronym=Free and open-source software]FOSS[/acronym]FOSS
[acronym=JSON for geographical features]GeoJSON[/acronym]GeoJSON
[acronym=geographic information system]GIS[/acronym]GIS
[acronym=Global Positioning System]GPS[/acronym]GPS
[acronym=Hydrographic Data Management System]HDMS[/acronym]HDMS
[acronym=Historic Environment Record]HER[/acronym]HER
[acronym=Joint Photographic Experts Group - a lossy image compression]JPEG/JPG[/acronym]JPEG/JPG
[acronym=JavaScript Object Notation]JSON[/acronym]JSON
[acronym=Keyhole Markup Language]KML[/acronym]KML
[acronym=light detection and ranging - uses lasers to measure distances and heights]LIDAR[/acronym]LIDAR
[acronym=Mapping for One-Place Studies - a prototype system]M4OPS[/acronym]M4OPS
[acronym=Modifiable Feature Layer, work-in-progress]MFL[/acronym]MFL
[acronym=Mega Pixel = 1 million pixels]MP[/acronym]MP
[acronym=National Library of Scotland]NLS[/acronym]NLS
[acronym=One-Place Study]OPS[/acronym]OPS
[acronym=the UK’s Ordnance Survey]OS[/acronym]OS
[acronym=Open Historical Map]OHM[/acronym]OHM
[acronym=Portable Network Graphics - a lossless graphics file format]PNG[/acronym]PNG
[acronym=the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland]PRONI[/acronym]PRONI
[acronym=made up of pixels]raster[/acronym]raster
[acronym=software development kit or "devkit"]SDK[/acronym]SDK
[acronym=Simple Machines Forum]SMF[/acronym]SMF
[acronym=Tile Map Service]TMS[/acronym]TMS
[acronym=The Society for One-Place Studies]SOPS[/acronym]SOPS
[acronym=Tagged Image File Format]TIFF[/acronym]TIFF
[acronym=The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding]TNG[/acronym]TNG
[acronym=User Interface]UI[/acronym]UI
[acronym=made up of mathematical descriptions so can easily be enlarged]vector[/acronym]vector
[acronym=Web Feature Service]WFS[/acronym]WFS
[acronym=Web Map Service]WMS[/acronym]WMS
[acronym=Web Map Service (with) Time]WMS-T[/acronym]WMS-T
[acronym=Web Map Tile Service]WMTS[/acronym]WMTS

For technical help on BBCodes see the tools on BBCode to HTML; BBcode table generator; Cool HTML to BBCode.
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