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OpenGeo Suite useful references
« on: 2 March 2016, 09:16:57 »
OpenGeo Suite now seems to be called Boundless Suite There is also Boundless Desktop: a desktop GIS built upon proven open source software including QGIS. So some of the following is out of date.

There are two versions of OpenGeo Suite from BoundlessGeo - the free one (comprising largely open source units also available elsewhere), and the paid one (Enterprise). This page highlights the differences. Here we are concerned with only the free version so you can ignore any mention of Composer, YSLD, and WPS Builder. Boundless also offer Geonode, but we have dealt with that elsewhere.

We are approaching OpenGeo Suite here in a fairly simple way, so the more technical aspects (PostGIS [documentation/tutorial], OpenLayers, GeoWebCache [documentation], Boundless SDK) are ignored, but it is worth knowing that they are there if we need them.

We have found a lot of useful reference material for OpenGeo Suite, and for ease of use they are listed here:

Guides and TutorialsComment
OpenGeo Suite User Manualthe complete manual
GeoServerthe central map server for OpenGeo Suite (see also the official documentation)
QGIS useful referencesQGIS enables you to build maps off line
Using QGIS with OpenGeo Suitethis is how to move maps from QGIS to be online - but the OpenGeo Explorer plugin has been replaced by the GeoServer Explorer plugin
GeoExplorer - an alternative to QGISenables you to build a simple web map online (see also documentation)
Introductory online coursesand walk-through tutorials from Boundless
Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD)enables maps to be styled in many different ways
GIS Stack Exchangewhere to ask technical questions on anything to do with GIS

If you find any other useful references please add a reply, and I will update this post.
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