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The Purpose of this Forum
« on: 21 January 2016, 07:43:13 »
Like many people, I am researching the history of the village I live in - thus I am doing a "one-place study" - I am a "one-placer". Again like many people, I find maps useful and interesting in my study, as they help me understand things much better, and I like to show them on my website. However what I have done so far is fairly limited, and I want to prepare, use and present maps in a much better and easier way. I have found that many others have said the same thing.

In my researches I have found that there is a lot going on among people who do mapping that could be of use to us one-places. Indeed there are many in the mapping community who, while not calling what they do a "one-place study", are actually doing things that are very similar.

Therefore (with the support of the Society for One-Place Studies) I decided to start this forum in order to enable all of us one-placers, along with other people doing mapping, to explore together how we might be doing it better. I am hoping that, not only will we be able to explore ideas and experiences of mapping, but that this forum will eventually become a valuable resource and idea bank for all one-placers.

There is more about me in another post, but I want to emphasise here that I know very little about history, and almost nothing about mapping. I am not able to tell anyone what to do, only to offer this forum space for people to share, and I hope to occasionally try to organise and summarise what has been shared. I do not know whether any of us will come to any conclusions as a result of our conversations, but I hope to share my own approach as it develops, and I hope that lots of others will do so too.

Feel free to browse through the forum, to search for specifics, and especially to contribute. Please post, or reply to other people's posts, with your
  • experiences
  • questions
  • answers
  • findings
  • ideas and thoughts
  • suggestions
  • conclusions
  • etc
Thank you for sharing in this adventure together. I hope you find something useful here, and feel able to contribute.
(Peter Cooper of Holywell-cum-Needingworth, Cambridgeshire, UK)
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