Author Topic: To add LIDAR layers to an OPS  (Read 2901 times)


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To add LIDAR layers to an OPS
« on: 14 February 2018, 11:10:19 »
The LIDAR layers from the EA are already defined in DefinedLayerDefs_Other.csv, so for a particular OPS all that is necessary is to add pointers to the required defined layers into the LayerDefs_Other.csv file. The process is:
  • Go to the Government's list of DTM LIDAR feeds
  • For 'LIDAR Composite DTM - 2m' click (on the right) Preview on Map
  • Repeat this for:
    • 'LIDAR Composite DTM - 1m'
    • 'LIDAR Composite DTM - 50cm'
    • 'LIDAR Composite DTM - 25cm'
  • Now you have 4 maps in the Preview List on the left, click on Preview Maps
  • In the map, zoom in and find your OPS
  • Find the best (smallest) resolution available for your OPS, by:
    • On the left, turn on the 25cm layer (click to put tick into little box), and wait
    • If no LIDAR map appears, turn on the 50cm layer and again wait
    • Again if no LIDAR map appears, repeat the process for the 1m and, possibly, 2m
  • In your LayerDefs_Other.csv enter a row like (if 1m was the best resolution):
    • Defined;Lidar;EA 1m DTM LIDAR;Terrain (DTM)
  • Repeat the whole process for DSM instead of DTM
  • Then (as usual) upload, recompile, clear cache and refresh M4OPS