Author Topic: Populating the prototype M4OPS system with maps for your OPS  (Read 2852 times)


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Whilst most the this board (about Sources of Maps and Geographic Datasets) just provides links, what I hope to do in this topic is to list the most useful sources that you could explore, and provide a link to instructions on how to actually utilise them within M4OPS for your own OPS. I plan also to provide links to examples of where this map or data is already implemented.

Note that this is very early days and I am just exploring how to do it all, so it is as yet unlikely that there will be enough information here for you to do it for yourself. Hopefully though over time, as we try things out this will develop into a useful 'how to' guide. Be aware that for the time being much of this documentation will be be incomplete and in a state of flux.

Please also note that this will start off as a very UK-centric list, but again will hopefully develop into a more internationally valid list.

Peter will be able to help you do these processes, certainly in the early days, so do ask.

Current list of the most useful sources, with links to examples and how to utilise them within M4OPS for your own OPS

Raster layersFeature layers
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