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What is a One-Place Study?
« on: 21 January 2016, 07:49:26 »
Wikipedia says that "One-place studies are a branch of family history with a focus on the entire population of a single village or community, not just a single, geographically dispersed family line."

The website of the Register of One-Place Studies adds that "In fact, the study area can be much smaller than a village, for example, a hamlet or a single street - even the systematic research of all those buried in a graveyard or named on a war memorial counts!" Over 2000 places are registered as being studied. The Register is part of, and their FAQs include, for example, What is a one place study?.

On the website for the Society for One-Place Studies (who sponsor this forum) it says that "A one-place study (OPS) considers people and families in their physical and social context in any location across the globe." Studies registered with the society include ones for a single building, a small hamlet, a single street, a group of villages, and part of a town. Read more about one-place studies here.

You can find a list of many one-place studies in the document attached to the post in this forum about How existing one-place study websites use maps as well as on the two websites mentioned above.
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