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Author Topic: Adding maps (raster) to your OPS on M4OPS  (Read 1645 times)


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Adding maps (raster) to your OPS on M4OPS
« on: 6 December 2016, 12:22:17 »
To add maps (raster), or aerial views, to your OPS on M4OPS, in principle we need to: and then for each map (Peter can help):
  • find out who owns the rights to the map
  • determine if we can publish the map in M4OPS, and on what terms
  • decide on a short title and brief description of the map, and find a key if it has one
  • either:
    • find where it is available for public use on a server somewhere - this is the easiest option for us, or
    • obtain a digital image of the map (in whole or in overlapping parts), preferably of good quality
  • ask Peter to process it and put it on your OPS in M4OPS - the technicalities are here
In order to obtain a good enough quality image of a map we need to do one of the following:
  • download it - if we can find it available somewhere and are allowed to, or
  • purchase it - there are various possible sources including your local council, or
  • scan it (in whole or in overlapping parts) - many archives do not allow this option, but it may be possible somewhere, or
  • photograph it (in whole or in overlapping parts) - see Using photography to get a good enough quality image of a map for guidance on the whole process
Note that it might be possible for you to access grant money to acquire images, particularly if you can show how useful the maps would be within the context of M4OPS.

References to the most common maps to add to your study, and how to do so, can be found in Populating the prototype M4OPS system with maps for your OPS.
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