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M4OPS parameters
« on: 20 January 2017, 14:45:48 »
[Note that one way to get some of these parameters is to manipulate M4OPS so it is as you want then click on the Copy button (top right) - you will then be given a URL you can copy]

Optional parameters for M4OPS are:
  • Note that
    • everything is case-sensitive
    • any spaces should be replaced by %20
    • the first parameter is preceded by "?", and subsequent ones by "&"
  • OPS= code for the initial OPS (default HcN)
  • NoCHNG means you cannot change the OPS
  • File= filename of json to use, default M4OPS (.json)
  • Showlevel= (default 9999) for demonstrations starts at 0 then goes up at cutoffpoints
  • Layer0= the name (title) of the initial base layer to use (default is Bing Aerial)
  • Layer1= the name (title) of the initial overlay layer to use (default is OSM, No%20layer is an option)
  • Layer2= the name (title) of the initial first feature layer to use (default is No%20layer), and similarly for Layer3, Layer4 etc
  • Displaystyle= (initial view)
    • onemapOpacity - One map with Opacity slider, or
    • sidebyside - Side by Side maps, or
    • onemapSpy - One Map with Spyglass
  • Zoom= initial zoom level eg 18
  • Lon= initial Longitude decimal degrees, eg -0.0318640 for central Needingworth
  • Lat= initial Latitude decimal degrees, eg 52.3304020 ditto
  • Extent= the number of the layer to initially fit to (default is to use the HomeView, overridden by Zoom/Lon/Lat)
  • Colours= initial colour scheme for features
  • Click= the initial drop-down value - one of:
    • no - No lat/lon click
    • M4OPScsv - M4OPS lon;lat csv
    • M4OPSparam - M4OPS parameters
    • csv - lat,lon csv
    • geojson - {lon,lat} GeoJSON
    • EPSG3857 - EPSG:3857 (x/y)
    • HDMS - DegMinSec N/E
    • GeoHack - GeoHack links
    • Featureid - Feature id
  • Splash= html text for splash screen when M4OPS first opens, can include abbreviations (#..#)
    • one word abbreviations will, if necessary, have the word Splash appended, and be surrounded by #..#
    • (thus Splash=Spyglass becomes #SpyglassSplash#)
    • (and Splash=25inch becomes #25inchSplash#)
  • Tab= the initial advanced option tab to show:
    • Actions - PNG, Demo, icons (the default)
    • MFL - Modifiable Feature Layers
    • Upload - Upload, compile
    • Time - Time sliders
  • Green if you want the background in development to be the normal Green
  • NoShift if you want the layers NOT shifted east or north
  • LoadwA if you want tiles loaded during animations (may improve the user experience, but can also make things stutter on devices with slow memory)
  • LoadwI if you want tiles loaded while interacting with the map (ditto)
  • (Mouse if you want the next feature to be Georeferenced to appear by the mouse pointer)

Examples of using M4OPS with parameters are:

1) Show Pubs over Lidar and zooms to the Pubs

2) Use spyglass display mode to compare test maps

3) Use spyglass display mode to show a 25 inch map over the Bing aerial map, and lay Pubs over the top
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