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Title: The input CSV files-3
Post by: PeterC on 21 January 2018, 15:17:20
Note that this is mostly for technical information.
It is the third part of the document about the input csv files.

For each (optional) Feature Layer in each OPS in M4OPS
All files are in csv format using semi-colon ";", rather than comma, as the separator. No fields can have semi-colons within them, but they can have commas. (On Peter's PC all csv files are within eg \OPS\HcN Holywell-cum-Needingworth\FLG\.)

Every file has field names in its first row, and these field names must be as specified (in the correct case). No quotes are needed for field names or values. Any null or blank values should be left null, ie represented as ;;.

Any blank lines, any starting with the word “Comment”, and any starting with the first field name (thereby allowing a repeat of the first row of field names), are ignored. If you use Excel for accuracy then ensure that the delimiter is set to ";".

These csv files are used to generate geojson and json files, which are what M4OPS to use directly as its input.

The required files  (using the example of a Feature Layer called “Censuses”) are:The optional files are:   
For more input csv files see The input CSV files ( and The input CSV files-2 (