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Author Topic: To process a new version of the Studies spreadsheet  (Read 1223 times)


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To process a new version of the Studies spreadsheet
« on: 9 April 2018, 03:57:51 »
To create a new version of the SOPS' Studies spreadsheet (when needed):
  • Go to and right-click/download the latest StudiesYYYYMMDD.xlsx file to the Mapping\Software\M4OPS folder
  • (If you do not see it, make sure that you are signed in as Peter Cooper)
  • Open the downloaded file in Excel, and enable editing
  • File/Save As Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt)
  • Click on OK for the Active Sheet only
  • Exit Excel
  • Rename the file as StudiesYYYYMMDD.xlsx - Active.tsv (tsv is our name for Tab Separated Values)
  • Open this file in an editor and
    • delete all the empty (or tab-only) rows at the end of the file
    • delete any empty (or tab-only) rows in the middle of the file
    • check there are no semi-colons in the file (and if there are change them)
    • change all tabs to semi-colons
    • Check for any double quotes, which may indicate a split line, and remove them
    • delete excess semi-colons at the end of lines (including the last line), except for any representing blank website values
    • Encoding - click on Convert to UTF-8, save and reload to check it is still encoded as UTF-8 (as json needs this)
  • FTP the .tsv to /ShowMapsDev/
  • On /ShowMapsDev/ rename the old Studies.csv as StudiesOLD.csv (having deleted any previous OLD versions)
  • On /ShowMapsDev/ rename the .tsv file to Studies.csv
To process the Studies.csv (always needed when it is new, or after a new study has been added to the OPS folder structure):
  • Open to precompile the Studies.json file
  • Make sure that the only OPS listed as "Location not set from Studies.csv" are those we know of (eg BAL, BRI, POR, USG, EDI, LGIWG), or for which we have not yet compiled the OPS.json file
  • (If there are problems later you may want to check the resulting Studies.json file)
  • On our local M4OPS rename the old Studies.json as StudiesOLD.json (having deleted any previous OLD versions)
  • FTP Studies.json from /ShowMapsDev/ to our local M4OPS
  • Test M4OPS, and when happy all is OK, FTP Studies.json from our local M4OPS to /ShowMaps/ (ie the production M4OPS system)
  • (Note that there is no need to repeat the precompile process on the production system, as all that M4OPS needs is the Studies.json file)
  • Test the production M4OPS
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