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Title: Help for Users of M4OPS
Post by: PeterC on 8 May 2016, 05:51:56
This document gives some guidance for using M4OPS ( Please remember that M4OPS is just a prototype so there are lots of rough edges, and you may find that it is slow or goes wrong.  Please do provide feedback to Peter via the Feedback button on M4OPS, or  via this forum (;uid=1).

You can do the same things with the M4OPS maps as with most mapping systems (pan, zoom, rotate), and you can also display several layers on top of each other, and use sliders to change how how transparent they are.

If you want to see examples of most of the functionality of M4OPS switch the OPS (top left drop-down) to "HcN) Holywell-cum-Needingworth" (or click here (, as this is Peter's own OPS and has had the most development. You can explore every button, drop-down and slider, as there is nothing you can break - but you might come across some bits that are password protected. You can also see a list of prepared examples of using M4OPS (

You can also do a self-driven demo ( if you want to, by clicking on the Demo button. Once you have started the demo, click on the highlighted ↑ button when you are ready to go on.

If you are a person responsible for an OPS and looking for help in setting up your OPS and its maps on M4OPS then also see the section on M4OPS - for those responsible for an OPS (

Lastly, Peter is very happy to help and you can contact him from this forum (;uid=1), or by clicking Feedback on M4OPS (

Things to bear in mind when using M4OPS:Some tips for using M4OPS(Note that if you use the Chrome browser and often get an error message 'Rats! WebGL hit a snag', then one solution is to go into Chrome Settings (http://chrome://settings/), click on 'Show advanced settings', and set 'Use hardware accelaration when available' to NO. WebGL can help the rendering of interactive 3D and 2D graphics, but is not essential.)