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Author Topic: MapHub product information  (Read 1867 times)


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MapHub product information
« on: 17 April 2016, 07:15:57 »
MapHub is an exciting new service currently (April 2016) only in beta. In functionality it is similar to Google Maps or Bing Maps. I think it could be very useful for those of us who want to make simple maps but not be tied to a proprietary framework.

MapHub was created by Zsolt Ero and Gergely Matyus because of their frustration with Google Maps' UI and the extremely closed attitude it has towards data. It's built on OpenStreetMap and aims to make sharing maps as simple as sharing YouTube videos, while offering GitHub like collaboration for teams.

This means that we can maybe contribute to, or just influence, how it develops.

They say:
  • Maphub allows you to create interactive maps
  • You can easily make your own map by adding points, lines, polygons or labels
  • Select from 20 different basemaps for background
  • Control who can view and edit your map (coming soon)
  • Import and export data in KML, GPX or GeoJSON formats
  • Each map has a unique URL which allows you to share them on social networks or by email
  • Embed interactive maps on your website or blogs, just like videos
  • Collaborate on maps within your team (coming soon)
  • Basemap built on OpenStreetMap data
  • Search powered by open datasets, including OpenAddresses, Quattroshapes and Geonames
  • Alternative basemaps from Thunderforest, Mapbox, Carto, MapQuest or Esri
  • Developer API: discuss ideas in the forum
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