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Title: OpenGeo Suite product information
Post by: PeterC on 16 February 2016, 06:29:16
OpenGeo Suite now seems to be called Boundless Suite ( There is also Boundless Desktop: a desktop GIS built upon proven open source software including QGIS. So some of the following is out of date.

OpenGeo Suite ( from BoundlessGeo ( "powers web, mobile, and desktop applications across enterprises large and small". Some more information is here (

It includes PostGIS (database), GeoServer (web server), GeoWebCache (map cacher), GeoExplorer (web map composition), QGIS (desktop map composition), OpenLayers (javascript), Boundless SDK (WebApp build kit). Most of these are available from other sources, but not in such a bundled way. This is free, but there is also a paid "Enterprise" version, with more functionality.

Besides the (powerful but complex) Boundless SDK ( for building web apps, two fairly simple plugins for QGIS ( make moving rich maps to the web easier.

The Boundless blog ( has lots of news and examples of OpenGeo's uses, and their Glossary ( is useful.