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Author Topic: OSM is the basis for many initiatives  (Read 1891 times)


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OSM is the basis for many initiatives
« on: 20 March 2016, 07:47:35 »
The article OSM: The simple map that became a global movement is a useful introduction to questions like:who are the mappers, what are they mapping, what about data quality, and where next.

Initiatives that utilise OSM data in one way or another include:
  • Missing Maps- who aim to "map the most vulnerable places in the developing world, in order that international and local NGOs and individuals can use the maps and data to better respond to crises affecting the areas"
  • MapRoulette - a gamified approach to fixing OSM bugs
  • The Humanitarian OSM Team use mapping on OSM to help humanitarian efforts during disasters
  • Wheelmap is a map for finding wheelchair accessible places (using Mapping for Change mapping services)
  • Open Snow Map- mapping skiing trails
  • OpenLinkMap - aiming to add (Wikipedia-) links onto a map
  • Open Station Map- mapping stations
  • OSM Buildings- mapping buildings in 3D (it is not obvious but the menu is the "hamburger" to right of the search box)
  • Gisela- (German only at present) will help you to find those places that you need in daily life
  • OSRM (Open Source Routing Map)- route finding using OSM
  • Maposmatic- free software web service that allows you to generate maps of cities using OSM data
  • OsmAnd- offline mobile maps & navigation using OSM and Wikipedia (here is a technical description of how to build your own offline OSMAND maps using completely free tools. It includes a Mapillary layer for images
  • Gnome Maps- a simple mapping app based on OSM integrated with the Gnome desktop
  • OpenStreetCam is an application that collects, stores and distributes georeferenced street view imagery with the purpose of helping the OpenStreetMap ("OSM") community improve the quality of the map data
  • StreetComplete is an Android app which finds wrong, incomplete or extendable OSM data in the user's vicinity and provides the tools to complete these easily and directly on site without having to use another editor
  • OpenMapTiles "provides the fastest way to setup custom styled world maps with open-source software. In a few minutes, you can have your own OpenStreetMap tileserver - ready for use in your websites or products."
  • OpenRailwayMap is a detailed online map of the world's railway infrastructure, built on OpenStreetMap data
  • OpenTopoMap is a free, topographic map, derived from  OpenStreetMap and SRTM (elevation) data
  • OSM Nottingham shows OSM data that has been added by volunteers in the Nottingham (UK) area, in an interesting way
Indeed there is a list of hundreds of other systems and services based on OSM.
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