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Author Topic: QGIS plugins from Boundless  (Read 2285 times)


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QGIS plugins from Boundless
« on: 9 April 2016, 06:51:01 »
As part of their OpenGeo Suite initiative, BoundlessGeo offer two plugins for QGIS to make moving rich maps to the web easier:

GeoServer Explorer

GeoServer Explorer is used to configure GeoServer through QGIS. This was announced by Boundless, also by the GeoServer community.

You can download GeoServer Explorer from the QGIS plugin repository.

(Note that this replaced the previous OpenGeo Explorer plugin)
QGIS Web App Builder

QGIS Web App Builder enables the creation of web applications based on layers as configured in QGIS, and can include other web services, various controls, and other interactivity.  It includes the ability to have pop-ups on the web map attached to the features in each vector layer (which can depend on feature attributes), and to add these controls:
  • Scale bar; Zoom; Layers list
  • Legend; Overview map; North arrow
  • Full screen; Attribution; Zoom slider; 3D View
  • Home button; Mouse Position; Geolocation
  • Measure; Selection; Attributes table
  • Charts; Geocoding; Query; Bookmarks
  • Timeline/Slider
  • About panel; Export as image; Links (on the navigation bar)
  • Help; Add (vector) layer; Print
An example of use is given in Boundless blog where you can also see lots of news and examples of OpenGeo's uses, and their Glossary is useful. You can download QGIS Web App Builder from here.

I am trying out QGIS with these plugins in 2016.
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