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Author Topic: Grouping tiled layers together as a single layer  (Read 3460 times)


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Grouping tiled layers together as a single layer
« on: 14 March 2017, 06:51:40 »
Suppose we wish to offer a layer group that comprises three tiled raster layers:
  • Layer A
  • Layer B
  • Layer C
We need to:
  • Process each of the three tiled layers as normal, including adding a row for each to LayerDefs_Other.csv, but
    • with donotshow set to TRUE so the layer will NOT be listed as itself in the drop-down
  • Add a new row to LayerDefs_Other.csv for the layer group with all fields as normal (or null), except for
    • the layertype being Group (rather than Tile)
    • the url being a list of layer titles that are to be included in the group, in the format either:
      • comma separated layer titles (eg Layer A,Layer B,Layer C), or
      • an array of quoted layer titles (eg ["Layer A","Layer B","Layer C"])
    • the value of:
      • minx being null (it will be calculated as the minimum value of minx among all the layers in the group)
      • miny, maxx, maxy similarly being null, and calculated
    • the folder being null
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