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Author Topic: Adding old OS maps to your OPS in M4OPS  (Read 1751 times)


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Adding old OS maps to your OPS in M4OPS
« on: 18 January 2017, 05:08:21 »
For OPS in the UK one of the best types of old map comes from the OS. These are out of copyright after 50 years, and free to use and publish.  However to use them in M4OPS we do need to acquire good quality georeferenced images.

The first step is to find out which sheet(s) you require
To do this:
  • Go to the NLS maps website
  • Find the place you are interested in, eg by enter it into the search box (we will use Dunster as an example)
  • In the Select a category drop-down choose "England and Wales, Ordnance Survey"
  • In the Select a map / map series choose "OS 25 inch, 1841-1952"
  • Click on the rectangle you want, and you should get 3 results in the pane on the right, dated about:
    • 1885
    • 1900
    • 1925
    • (there is a more recent edition but this is still in copyright)
  • Check if you have the correct sheet by clicking on one of these maps, and zooming in
  • Note the sheet reference, eg Somerset XXXV.10 (all the editions in the list should have the same reference)
  • Check if you need more than one sheet, and if so go back to the main map, click on the new sheet(s) and note its reference
  • If you want to, repeat the process for the "OS 6 inch, 1842-1952" - the reference is eg Somerset XXXV.SW
  • Note that the one inch maps come as standard with M4OPS
  • Decide which sheets and years you want
The next step is to acquire and prepare the sheet(s) to go on M4OPS
To do this:
  • Contact Peter who will get a quote for supply, acquire them, and put them into M4OPS for you
  • In 2017 NLS charge about £21 for each georeferenced sheet
  • (You might be able to find grant money to help you)
  • (There may be other ways to acquire such images, eg from your local archives)

Please be aware that we can give no guarantee about M4OPS continuing.  But as I understand it, as they are out of copyright, if you purchase these map sheet images then you are free to use them where you wish. is a Society for One-Place Studies project supported by Grassroots Giving from Skipton Building Society
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