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Author Topic: Creating an OSM feature layer  (Read 1603 times)


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Creating an OSM feature layer
« on: 9 February 2018, 11:39:46 »
To create a layer of features for an OPS extracted from OSM do the following:
  • Open Overpass Turbo
  • Navigate to the OPS study area
  • Click on the 3rd icon down in the group on the left (manually select bbox)
  • Move the boundaries of the bbox to the best fit for the OPS
  • Open the Wizard
  • Enter the following into the Wizard building or ~"addr"~"\\w" - ie every feature that has either:
    • the building tag set (to any value), or
    • any tag containing addr set (to any value)
  • Click on Build Query
  • Click on Run
  • Click on Export
  • Click on download as GeoJSON
  • Saving the file in the appropriate place on your computer, and named OSMyyyymmdd.geojson (eg OSM20180209.geojson)
  • You can now close Overpass Turbo
  • Upload the OSMyyyymmdd.geojson file into M4OPS
  • Edit the LayerDefs_Feature.csv, and set special fields to:
    • mapkey to #OSMData#
    • shorttext to name?addr:housename?addr:housenumber
      • (this defines the equivalency of the shorttext field, so that if the field does not itself have a value then it is set to the value of the equivalency)
      • (the ?s indicate that if the first field in the list does not have a value then the next is evaluated etc)
    • description to shop?amenity?addr:street
    • fl_Ncols to 2
    • flhead_col1 to Building
    • flhead_col2 to Street
    • fl_col2 to addr:street?addr:postcode
    • textforsort to fl_col2&#ZZZ&fl_col1
    • layerdescription to #Overpass#
  • Upload the LayerDefs_Feature.csv file into M4OPS, and Compile
  • Clear the cache and refresh M4OPS

For more information see:
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