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Author Topic: Other technologies we can ignore  (Read 1896 times)


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Other technologies we can ignore
« on: 12 February 2016, 07:02:31 »
These mapping technologies seem not relevant to us from the outset (for the noted reasons):
  • Apple Maps - limited to Apple computers and focused on driving
  • ABMaps - a free web mapping server and portal, but limited
  • Baidu Maps - covers just China
  • Digimap - a web mapping and online data delivery service only available to members of subscribing education institutions in the UK
  • Géoportail - a comprehensive web mapping service (for France only) which includes many historic and current maps and aerial photographs
  • Tencent Maps - available only in the Chinese language and offers maps only of mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau
  • Ushahidi ("testimony” in Swahili) has crowdsourcing tools to raise people's voice - a technology leader in Africa
  • MapInfo Pro (from Pitney Bowes) calls itself the world’s premier desktop mapping application, but there is only a version costing over $1000
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